Brock Pierce, Mark Karpeles and the War of Words Over Mt Gox’s Future

Brock Pierce wants Mt. Gox creditors to receive 100 percent of whatever they’re owed – or so he says, anyway.

Weeks after announcing Gox Rising – his ambitious effort to unite the long-defunct exchange’s creditors, submit a civil rehabilitation plan and relaunch the Mt Gox exchange itself – Pierce, a prominent crypto-entrepreneur, is walking back just how concrete these plans are.

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XRP Price Rises Slowly as Tencent Confirms Interest in Ripple’s Currency

With all of the top markets enjoying some positive momentum, one would expect the likes of XRP to note strong gains. While there is indeed a minor uptrend in place, it is far from spectacular. Despite this somewhat disappointing rise in value, some community members are convinced the XRP price is effectively heading to the moon once again.

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New Zealand Police Reopen Cryptopia For Business (Kind Of Sort Of Maybe)

The New Zealand police have announced that troubled cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia can now resume business operations, according to a report in The New Zealand Herald. While the country's High Tech Crime Group is still finishing up aspects of its investigation, the police have reportedly finished their portion of work with the group.

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