Bitcoin's Rise Driven by Institutional Trading, Says Research and Investor Sentiment

Bitcoin over Dollars

The cryptocurrency bitcoin is trading at an all-time high relative to its social activity, explains the crypto research firm Tie. The analysts at Tie believe the ratio indicates that bitcoin is being driven by institutional trading. Meanwhile, statistics from Google Trends shows the terms “bitcoin” and “buy bitcoin” dropped from the 100 point highs to 65 on June 14, 2020.

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Analysts Say Bitcoin Breakout Imminent: Silver-like Suppression, $5 Trillion in Cash Could Flow Into BTC

A number of venture capitalists and macro investors believe bitcoin’s price will break out soon following suit with gold’s recent climactic rise. Dan Tapeiro, cofounder of Gold Bullion International, thinks that $4.6 trillion in cash sitting on the sidelines right now, could very well flow into precious metals and crypto-asset markets. Moreover, other investors have noted that bitcoin is following the same trend silver did in 12 years ago.

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Will India Ban Crypto? 5 Exchange Executives Shed Light on the Truth

There has been some confusion over whether India will ban cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, following recent reports of a note being circulated by the government. interviewed executives of five cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India to find out the truth about the news.

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